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Contact-Less Liquid Manipulation and Electrohydrodynamic Pumping

Droplet Spreading

Taylor Cone

Mass transport

About us

Thermal-Fluid Interfacial Engineering group is focused on understanding the fundamentals of liquid-liquid and liquid-solid interactions in the micro/nanoscale for enhancing efficiency and reliability in power generation/consumption, water purification/separation, oil & gas production/processing, and transportation industries. Our group design surfaces and interfaces and study their interaction with single and multiphase systems.

Particular areas of interest include:

  • Studying fundamentals of ice/snow interaction with surfaces and developing active, passive, and administrative strategies for mitigating ice, snow, and frost accumulation issues.

  • Exploring fundamentals of fluid-solid interaction in single or multiphase systems, especially phase change processes (i.e. boiling, condensation, and freezing). 

  • Developing strategies for flow assurance in the oil & gas industry (i.e. nucleation and adhesion of hydrates, asphaltene, and scale).

  • Developing reliable solutions for oil/water separation and emulsion formation.

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Left to right: Jamie, Mehdi, Mohcen, Kishore, Kartik, Asif, Dr. Sojoudi, 

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